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December 17, 2017

Guidelines on how you can overcome Challenges when Upbringing Teenagers.

Bringing up a kid to adulthood is not an easy task, along the way you will argue and fight with them. Most of the kids when they get to teenage hood, tend to develop a rebellious character. When kids get to teenage hood they tend to think all they do is right, while most of the directives from their seniors are misleading. At age twenty and above, they begin feeling like they are now fully grown, but you have to offer guidance throughout. Most parents who do not understand the transition feel bad about their kids and tend to think that the teens are avoiding any association with their parents. At this stage you need to give counseling to your teenagers, this is the stage where most kids lose their track in life.

You need to create time to with your kids, this will help you in have some control of your kids. Having time with your kids also have some health benefits since you will not be subjected to pressure and stress from your kids. The teenage stage is burdening to your kids, and you must be able to help them be easy. You should have good moments with your kids.

If you don’t give your kids the right attention during this hormonal change stage, you might end up losing them, due to their overconfidence. Cement a good relationship with your teens at this stage to ensure that they will be there for you when you retire The most challenging part of parenting is when your kids are in teenage stage because they have challenges almost each day. You need to come in as a neutral party whenever your teenager has some issues with his peers.

When dealing with a problem affecting them makes sure that you are always calm. When you note one of your kid’s friends is naughty, and you need to advise your teenager on how to relate to that kind of friend. When most of the kids get to teenage hood they tend to get into drugs, and one of the most commonly used drugs is nicotine with is hazardous when used wrongly, you need to advise your kids and make them aware of the consequences. The e liquid nicotine is essential to ensure that they do not have a foul smell which is common in a majority of smokers. Using an e-cigarette is one stage to reforming from nicotine usage. Spending time with the kids allows you to create a stronger bond. when you are in good terms with your teenagers you will have an easy time when advising them.