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October 29, 2017

Information on Fog Misting Systems

Fog can be defined as a visible compound atmosphere which consists of cloud water droplets which are hanging near the earth surface and affects clarity of vision The misting fan is portable and can move from one room to another to dispense humidity in the environment. When the water forces through a cylindrical tube with high pressure it breaks the water droplets into smaller sizes which can quickly be soaked up making the surrounding cool.

There are three different groups of misting machines which are available determined by the amount of weight forced from the nozzle which can be high medium or low.

Low Pressure Misting Systems; This type of misting system functions on your minimum city water pressure which is about 40 psi to 60 psi, this system does not need an expensive misting pump to work and can be readily connected to the water faucet or garden hose. The system is able to cool the outdoor temperature up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit at a cost which is not too high making it suitable for low income home owners.

When compared to the low-pressure system the mid-pressure misting systems operates at a pressure of up to 160 psi In comparison to a low-pressure misting system, the mid-pressure system requires a 160 psi which produces finer water droplets, these are quickly evaporated to achieve a faster cooling effect.

When you compare the mist produced from the mid-pressure misting system and the low-pressure system, the later generates more excellent quality mist, but the high-pressure system still supersedes them all regarding quality and level of absorbency.

Using very high pressure machines, this system generates tiny fine quality mist which are readily absorbed by the heat and produces a cooling effect almost instantly, the quality of the system allows it to do this without facing any mishaps in the nozzle.

A high-pressure system is a perfect option for those homeowners who want a system that does not leave the environment wet, works to keep surroundings super cool even on the hottest of days and operates flawlessly in moderate and high humidity conditions.

Things to do when buying a misting system

Try to purchase all parts of the system from a single supplier for ease of follow up in case the system is not functioning as it should, also make sure you know so much as about the system and the company selling it.

Check the system Integrity; when buying check to ensure that all the parts of the system are related to work with the correct amount of pressure, low-pressure pipes cannot work with a high-pressure pump as it will result in damage and vice versa.

Warranties; The more extended the warranty, the better quality of the pump, however, you should take precaution to ensure that you use the pump according to the instructions for the warranty to be useful.

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