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October 30, 2017

Learn More about your Feline Friend

You have to know that domestic cats are independent and intelligent. You need to know that cats that are smart can do anything that they want. When the cat wants to play, it plays with other people around the house, if it wants to sit alone on the corner or ask for some food, it will not hesitate.

These cats will come with different personalities. Some cats would love to stay quiet while some cats love to get noisy around the house. Some cats are very choosy while some cats eat what they can find. There are shy types that hide from other people while other cats love attention and get any food from what the people offer. Many cats try to be loners but when it comes to the love and affection from the owners, these cats will sit on your lap and love being smothered with care.

The cat will keep on rubbing its body or tail on the owner’s leg if it wants attention from the owner. The cat will also follow you around and meow while walking. Some cats love being attentive, they shift their ears around to hear the slightest changes in sound. They listen and watch around as they try to understand what is going on. Cats who live outside are known to glance at the road before they cross it.

Cats are known to be intelligent and also showing these intelligent behavior through surprising situations. They even love watching TV programs and listening to music. You can easily find out how a cat is doing, if it is stressed or not. You can know by lifting the cat up, if the cat is loose and light, the cat is doing fine. A stressed cat is a heavy and tight cat. A cat can be trained to learn tricks, the only difference they have from dogs is that cats are quite lazy sometimes. Cats love doing naps and that is why they call the phrase cat nap.

Cats are very agile and they are perfect for catching those pests inside your home, a mice will have no chance of out witting a cat or even defeating it with speed, cats are agile, fast and smart, they are the perfect hunting machines.

You have to know that your cats are also good friends, you will love holding your cat while relaxing on the couch, watching a good show. Having a cat is great, they can do a lot of things that you guys did not know until you read this cat blog, right? Cats are wonderful living creatures that need to be understood.

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