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Assessing The Protection Of A Copyright Or Trademark

December 22, 2017

In Texas, local consultants understand the requirements for enforcing a copyright or trademark. They know how to locate incidents in which materials were used illegally. The consultants provide real opportunities for maximum protection.

How Does Trademark and Copyright Protection Work?

An original owner completes necessary forms and pays a fee for the copyright or trademark. The United States Copyright and Trademark Office completes the listing and documentation for the trademark or copyright. Once the process is completed, the original owner has protection under federal laws. They are the only party that can use the materials legally. No one else can reproduce, sell, distribute, or exhibit the works without legal consent from the owner.

What are Legal Avenues Available to the Owner?

The legal avenues available to original owners start with civil lawsuits. They have the right to file a lawsuit against any offender that used their materials illegally. They can also file criminal charges against the offenders as well. The law provides them with the option to request the removal of any materials covered by a copyright or trademark from any outlet. This includes video sharing, illegal downloads for movies and music, and the use of any content for financial gains.

What Constitutes Infringement?

Instances of copyright or trademark infringement begin with the reproduction of the materials. For example, movie piracy is essentially the reproduction of the movies via recordings, copying discs, and sharing videos of the movie. Music sharing programs that don’t provide proceeds to artists when music is sold are in violation of the law as well. Any copies

Any copies of books, scripts, or similar content are also protected under the laws. No one can utilize any portion of the content without permission. If any content is referenced, proper citations must be applied to the new content. The same laws apply to images that are licensed to a specific owner.

In Texas, local consultants provide further insight into protecting materials created by a specific author or producer. A copyright or trademark offers protection from unauthorized use of the materials. Original owners who need help from a consultant can click here for more info now.