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Business Tips: Four Things Business Owners Overlook but Shouldn’t

By on May 10, 2018

business owner has a lot to worry about, so it’s normal to overlook a few things here and there. This is not to say that you want to overlook key issues. The following are some issues that are sometimes ignored but should not be.

HR Vision

One thing that many business owners tend to forget is the importance of an HR service or hiring HR personnel. These individuals are experts in their fields and know how to analyze each individual in the workforce to maximize their abilities. An HR representative can team up employees with certain characteristics to others who will help them reach their fullest potential. You should also know that a person within this field is going to be able to identify the kind of people that may fit better in your team, reducing employee turnover.

Third Party Care

Sometimes, employers forget to pay attention to their providers. Third parties are normally pretty autonomous once an agreement has been made, which makes it easy for some business owners to lose focus on suppliers. This is not good because issues could arise at any time and quality can change. You need to make sure that you are monitoring third parties at all times, including making sure that they remain compliant because this could end up affecting your business. There are easy ways to do this. For one, you can purchase software that helps monitor these third parties for you.

Cyber Security

There is no doubt that some business owners do not feel like hackers are a big problem. Some do not feel like their small business would ever become a victim of hackers or cyber breaches, but that is an incorrect assumption. A lot of small businesses have lost customers, their reputation, and much worse by not … Read More ...

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Small Biz Tips: Help Employers Stay on Top of Cyber Attacks

By on

Making sure your company is always up and running takes time and effort. You are no stranger to work and worry, but you do not have to do everything on your own. There are many strategies and tools you can use to minimize how much you do to keep your company afloat at all times and safe from things like cyber-attacks. The following are a few ideas that may help you rest easy at the end of the day.

Cyber Security

Small businesses are getting attacked more often. Most of the time these hackers do this because they believe small business owners do not spend much money on cyber security measures, making it easier to attack you. The easiest ways these individuals attack a business is through employees.

This is normally done by employees who are unwilling participants and are just mere victims of ignorance. This makes it important that you not only install security measures that help keep your company safe from these sorts of attacks but also train your employees to recognize suspicious emails or sites. These steps are not going to guarantee safety, but they are going to improve your chances, and that is all you really want.

Active Response

Training your employees to prevent problems is one thing, but you also need to prepare them to deal with an active problem. Cyber attacks can do a lot of damage in many different ways. Some of the attacks are directed at your customers while others at your employees, usually to extract personal information that can be used to extort amongst other things.

Sometimes the attacks are focused towards your entire IT system, which could render your system inaccessible. Downtime can cost a company a lot of money, customers, and overall trust. One of the best things … Read More ...

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Neue Technologie Bietet Erfinderische MöglichkeitenZur Skalierung Von Ressourcen

By on July 17, 2017

Skalierbarkeit tritt ziemlich oft auf, wenn über Informatikgesprochen wird. Es ist ein etwas flexibler Begriff, dessengenaue Bedeutung je nach Kontext variieren kann. ImAllgemeinen wird jedoch davon gesprochen, Computerplattformen zu skalieren, um den ständigwachsenden Anforderungen gerecht zu werden.


Der Durchschnittsmensch wird das inhärente Problem der Skalierbarkeit wahrscheinlich nicht sehen. Er muss höchstens den Arbeitsspeicher seines Computers aufrüsten. Die fortgeschrittensten Heimanwender ersetzenmöglicherweise eine CPU oder GPU. Dies ist jedoch imVergleich zum Durchschnittsgeschäft noch ein ehergeringfügiger Prozess. Auch kleinere Unternehmen habenBedürfnisse, die über denen des durchschnittlichenHeimanwenders liegen.

Selbst ein Unternehmen, das von einem bestimmtenKundenstamm isoliert ist, wird im Vergleich zuHeimanwendern höhere Anforderungen haben. JedePerson innerhalb eines Unternehmens wird normalerweiseauf die eine oder andere Weise in das Computersystemeingebunden. Und die meisten von ihnen werden aucheinen eigenen Arbeitsplatz haben. Diese Workstations erhöhen wiederum die Gesamtbelastung der Hauptrecheninfrastruktur eines Unternehmens.

Aber es ist eine seltene Firma, die isoliert von der Öffentlichkeit existiert. Höchstwahrscheinlich wird einUnternehmen auch Rechenanforderungen haben, die mitwachsendem Kundenstamm exponentiell zunehmen. Und hier können wir das potenzielle Problem der Skalierbarkeiterkennen. Jedes Computersystem ist grundsätzlich durchseine Hardware begrenzt. Unabhängig davon, wiegeschickt Software geschrieben wurde, kann sie die physischen Grenzen des Computers, auf dem sieausgeführt wird, nicht überschreiten.

Aber hier beginnt unser traditionelles Verständnis von Skalierung zusammenzubrechen. Wir haben jetztOptionen, die dieses Problem lösen können. Oder bessergesagt, die Situation wird so umgestaltet, dass das Problem der Hardwareeinschränkungen gar nicht erstauftritt.

Dies mag auf den ersten Blick widersprüchlich erscheinen. Betrachten wir jedoch zwei besondere technologischeAspekte. Dies Read More ...

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Consultants Are Needed Now More Than Ever Before

By on March 13, 2017


There is a tremendous need for consultants. In this day and age of flourishing technology there is an overload of applications available. There is a concept of maximization that is happening inside of home environments and workplaces. People are somewhat overloaded with a dizzying array of products that all tend to do the same thing. It is not enough to have one product that serves as a standard for excellence in a certain area. In multiple environments there are different products that be used for the same things. This means that there’s more technology available and more things that people must take time to learn about.

The Limitations of Workers

The reality is that there are a lot of limitations when it comes to people that work inside of a business. They do not have time to learn and teach new concepts to other employees. There are some workers that are going to take the initiative to learn about certain pros and cons to software applications on their own. When a business is going to adapt any type of application there needs to be a consultant in place that can help business department leaders understand how the software will be utilized. This is where any microsoft office 365 consultants come into play. Microsoft has been the standard and software applications for a long time, and it helps to have consultants in place that can explain how the cloud-based version of these applications are being utilized today.

Technology Shifts Culture

There was a time where technology was somewhat enclosed inside of a work environment. There were applications that were only accessible from the office. People that were working remotely would have to utilize a VPN to access certain applications and documents. Today technology has allowed more people to have a cloud-based Read More ...

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How Tech Startups Are Becoming Billion Dollar Brands

By on February 7, 2017

What is it with small budding businesses garnering billion dollar evaluations shortly after a few years of being in business? How are companies coming into new industries like the micro mobility industry or the ridesharing industry or even the delivery app industries are not industries that are centuries old providing their longevity? Yet still, there have been a select few companies entering these industries that have reached the major milestone of being valued at a billion dollars and even crossing the billion dollar revenue mark.

Tech startups have amazed us. They have changed how society operates us. Who would ever think they would be ordering groceries from an app and have them delivered to their doorstep? No one would have ever imagined a time where we jump in random cars with strangers that we meet on apps like Lyft and Uber. Tech startups have changed the way people live, the way people earn money and how businesses are reaching valuations that use to take decades to reach.

Think Instacart, WeWork, Airbnb and LetGo are brands you may have heard of. There are amongst hundreds of businesses that have crossed the billion dollar mark. These companies are relatively still young. They are companies that have walked into budding industries and have impacted the world with their business model, technology and billion dollar earnings.

These companies amongst other businesses that have made it to billions of dollars in revenue or at least a billion dollar evaluation have soared to success because of mainly their tech. There are many factors that have pushed thee companies to success. But from Uber to Instacart to WeWork to Away have all had great technology behind them. We are living in the digital age and being a company that has great technology and plays a role in … Read More ...

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