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October 30, 2017

Choosing Between Foam Insulation and Fiberglass

It should be every home owners goal to have a home that spends less energy than what current homes are using these days. You need to understand that with a energy efficient home, you can save up from the utility bills. Green house gas emissions will also be reduced and lower with a energy efficient home. You can help make a difference in your own little way with an energy efficient home, this will impact in reducing the effects of climate change.

If you want to have a more practical solution to the problem with your home, foam insulation will be the best choice for cost effectiveness. Energy star mentioned that with foam insulation, a home owner can save up to 15% on heating cost and cooling cost.

Before you pick foam insulation, you first should check the pros of using fiberglass first to make sure you are not making any bed decision.

Make sure that you examine both products or options first before you decide on the victor. Uncovering the potential of foam insulation and fiberglass.

Foam insulation reviews are all about it being a perfect fit.

You should know that spray foam is the better option for conserving energy at home compared to fiberglass.

You should know that with the right insulation, your home will be in perfect condition to help you during the summer heat and the winter cold. With the right insulation, it can properly release or take in the right amount of heat for the building to have a comfortable temperature.

You should know that with fiberglass, it works by trapping the air inside its tiny glass fibers. The only issue with fiberglass is that it can be hard to install it.

You have to know that with fiberglass, you have to make sure that the batts are cut in the right size to fit the nook and crannies in your homes walls and attics. This task can cost a lot of time and it will need every bit of energy you have. This case will even go worse if the home owner decides to install the fiberglass all by himself or herself.

It is clear that foam insulation does not have any installation issues but it does have its own cons. You can spray the foam in all kind of tiny cracks and cervices.

People using too much spray foams can also get into trouble with allergens. The spray foam could also affect the health of the person, making it hard for them to breathe properly.

On the other hand, fiberglass is more affordable, making it a better option for people who would love to save more on the option and spend extra for the installation.