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October 29, 2017

Things You Ought to Know Regarding Revenge Pornography Various experiences have come from the creation of the web, some good and others not the best. One of the scariest things that can happen to anyone is having their nude pictures and videos posted on the internet.Revenge pornography is where one intentionally posts your nudes online in a bid to get even with you for something you might have done. Below are some things you might need to know about this heinous act. It is Outlawed In most of the states in the US revenge pornography is a criminal act. That implies that you can reach out for legal help if you land in such a situation. Nevertheless, it is proper to ensure that you do have a case before going to report the matter. It is a Type of Sexual Violence Revenge pornography, just as the name suggests is non-consensual. You could put yourself into many problems when you post any explicit photos or clips of someone else online without having their permission.Even when a person may have agreed to take the photos or videos putting them up without their permission is unethical and sexually violates the person’s rights.
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Revenge Pornography Can Cause Psychological Problems People who have gone through such harsh experiences can experience a significant amount of misery. When under pressure, people may react in a variety of ways. A number of the victims are usually not strong enough to go through the tough time. There are many who might become depressed, and others opt to take away their lives. It is therefore advisable that you seek coping techniques by visiting a counselor.
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It Mostly Affects Women About 90% of revenge pornography victims are females. Cases of revenge pornography is usually rampant in cases that involve a man who decides to post explicit photos of a woman because he is mad at her. Women have been victims of revenge pornography because of the increased tendencies to view women’s bodies as objects for sex. Moreover, revenge pornography has also become rampant because of how sexuality is used to reduce a woman’s worth. Such reasons have made women vulnerable to demeaning acts that are practiced through cyber-sex crimes. Revenge pornography can be said to be a cultural extension of the ill behavior meant to exploit women’s sexuality and their bodies. Feminists need to pay attention to this kind of misogyny that does not advocate for respecting the female body. Although there are alternatives to help you in such an instance the best thing to do is to stay away from sending nudes indiscriminately.You can save yourself the stress and embarrassment by choosing not to take or send nudes online whether in form of images or videos.