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News For This Month: Lawns

October 31, 2017

Helpful Guidelines in Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Every residential owner wants to have a lawn that is beautiful and healthy.You do not need to put a lot of chemicals on your lawn. Your lawn needs the right amount of fertilizer, water and regular mowing. You also need aerate and de-thatched your lawn on a yearly basis. When you have a healthy lawn then it will be able to prevent weeds and diseases and even survive in drought. However, if you will still have these problems then you will need to adjust or change your gardening habits and soil.

Below are your tips in maintaining your lawn:

A. Prepare your lawn

You need to prepare your lawn for planting. You need to eliminate the weeds and old grass in your lawn by using a sod cutter and grape hoe. There are times when you will need to put herbicide or glyphosate to eliminate weeds. Always read the instruction first before you use them. You soil can actually get ruined if you do not know how and when to apply this chemicals. Another thing to do is to grade your soil. You can do this by conducting a soil test and sending it to soil testing centers. If the grade of your soil is low then your soil will need a starter fertilizer. After applying the fertilizer the next thing to do is to water it.

B. Choosing the right grass

Next step is choosing the right grass. There are different kinds of grass species that you can choose from. Choose a grass that will be suitable for your soil. You need to conduct a research. You will either choose from sod and seed. The seed is easier to install seeds and it is more affordable but, it will take months for it to be usable. You should choose sod if you want to immediately use your lawn. But, you will need to spend a number of time and effort.

C. Installing the new lawn

Installing the new lawn is your next task. It is easier to manage your lawn when you divide it into different sections. Before installating your lawn you need to follow the right instructions. In order for you to prevent your seeds from washing away then you need to water it lightly. Watering your lawn on a regular basis is really vital. Do not walk around your lawn if it is just recently installed.

You can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful by following these tips.

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