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December 19, 2017

How to Plan A successful Christian Group Retreat

A Christian retreat can be defined as a moment that an individual takes away from the daily activities to spend time close to the Almighty God. Once in a while Christian communities plan retreats where groups can go together and spent time nourishing their spiritual health. It is upon the person planning to put everything in order for the members. Determine whether it is a one-day event, or it will cover many days.

As you plan your Christian group retreat; you need to consider some factors. You should begin by thinking about the group’s profile. Determine whether the majority are married people or they are single. Consider the age group of the majority of the members. Determining the profile helps you to understand the group and be able to tell what their common interests could be. When you have that knowledge you will know how best to plant the activities.

Good planning must include the venue for the retreat. Choosing the venue will be guided by what will be taking place at the retreat. It will important to know whether there will be a speaker or everyone will do their own private sessions. It will be easy for you to know whether you need a hall or mall private rooms. As you think about the venue, you should also think of whether the group will be spending the night there, or it is a one day event. For the groups that are spending the night, you should plan for accommodation and also for food.

In order to have successful planning you have to think about time. It is upon the planner to know how long the retreat will take. Some groups may need to have just one day while others may need several days. You will plan the time according to the needs and the requirements of the particular group. You will need to plan for the time to assemble, time to leave and time to come back. Transportation is also something you need to plan for to take the group to the venue.

You can finish without setting the objectives of the retreat. There are those who will want a retreat for emotional healing. The setting of the retreat should be based on the needs of the group. Depending on the need, or what the team is focusing on, you will need to plan accordingly. There are times it may be necessary to equip the team with certain knowledge and understanding on how to handle certain matters. Sometimes the group may need to just play together and bond and relax at the same time. For you to succeed in planning, you have to understand each group and their needs.

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