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October 30, 2017

Eradicating Molds through Natural Remedies

By reproducing through the air, molds can easily grow in just about any location it can land on. When this impostor can penetrate your place, it can create serious issues. It can cause health issues to the people living in the area and cause unsightly black clusters in the area. One of the varieties of molds that are usually found inside houses are the black molds as these types can be hazardous to humans and pets.

The first trace of mold should always be act upon and efforts to remove it should always be done. Molds can cause health issues like breathing problems to skin irritation and some varieties can even create more serious issues. There are different types of molds and to ensure you’d know what kind of mold is growing on your property, mould testing should be done. By understanding the kind of mold that is infesting the house, you’d know how to better approach the problem.

There are various mold killer for your home. Some of these products contain very strong chemicals that could even create further health issues if used incorrectly. The varying mold killers that can be used is the main reason why the need for mould testing before starting the treatment. For the typical aspergillus or black mold, there are common household products that you can use to kill the infestation.

To avoid the possibilities of poisoning because of the toxic chemicals from mold killers, it is best that homeowners make use of readily available products to create a natural mold killer. Vinegar, baking soda and tea tree oil are three very common household products that can be used by homeowners as natural mold killers.

Vinegar is a very effective anti-fungal substance. Vinegar can be used as a pure mold killer or mixed with water to diffuse its smell. Almost 80% of the molds in your home can be controlled by using vinegar. Simply spray an ample amount of vinegar on the infestation and let it sit for a few hours. This will then be followed by a thorough scrubbing, using a coarse brush.

An amazing mold killer, baking soda is one of the common products that is available in any homes. To create the formulation, simply mix baking soda with water or with vinegar and then apply it directly to the infested area. You also have to let the substance sit for a few hours before scrubbing it.

As a natural remedy, tea tree oil is a household product that is a bit costlier than the other two. To create a mold killer, simply mix an ample amount of tea tree oil with water and then spray it on the area. The smell it leaves is also a plus, other than being an effective mold killer.

After mould testing, you can choose from any of these natural remedies for a non-toxic solution to the infestation at home.

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