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A Look into Semi-Jailbreaking

May 15, 2018

If you are using any iOS that is below 8.4.1, then you can jailbreak the device. Also, any device that is compatible with iOS 8.4 can be jailbroken. So, what is a semi jailbreak and what does it allow you to do? It allows you to install some games and themes using SemiJB Cydia app store. Some of these applications and games may not have gone through the Apples standard vetting processes. Semi-jailbreak is not yet a complete process that allows iOS users to access rooted privileges over their iOS devices. Usually, your phone’s jailbreak mechanism is not able to detect a jailbreak. Semi Jailbreaking process uses the Provisioning Profile that in turn enables the installation of the vShare App. This is iOS’s default SemiJB launcher that is responsible for the SemiJB app store where all applications, including third-party applications, themes, and games are stored for download.


Common Benefits of Semi Jailbreaking on Your iOS Device

Jailbreaking your device though not recommended by Apple Company, is legal in the United States of America. However, the company considers a contract violation, meaning that your device loses warranty whenever something goes wrong in the process of jailbreaking, and you will be liable to fix it yourself. It is important to note that jailbreaking is not unlocking where you can change carriers with the same device. Here though are some common advantages of jailbreaking your phone.
You Get Access to New Applications

Jailbreaking lets you access new applications that are not available in the iTunes Application store. Cydia, for example, is a framework which enables iOS user to add applications that are yet to be authorized by Apple. These include various games, as well as networking programs. Apple Company is known to be so restrictive, in that they don’t allow most applications in their marketplace. If you have long dreamt of using your iPhone or other iOS devices as a modem as well as Wi-Fi hotspot to connect your computer to the net, then with jailbreaking this is a walk in the park. iOS devices normally charge for the tethering services. It is included in Apple’s highly charged plans. However, when you jailbreak your device, you can be able to tether for free using applications like MyWi which is available through Cydia.


Access to Customized Options

You can customize your phone, and have it acquired a feel and look of your preference. Through Cydia, you can access many themes that can suit your style. You can change icons dock, wallpapers as well as status. With a customized app called WinterBoard users can not only customize the above but also sounds. Compared to full jailbreaking, semi-jailbreaking repercussions are not as severe on your device. The difference lay in the access of the root system. When your semi-jailbreak your device, the process does not access your iOS root. However, it uses a web platform. Semi-jailbreaking, yet, has security implications for the corporation when employees use semi-jailbroken devices. These include compromised privacy to passwords, usernames. The company also experiences many potential attacks due to poor app development.