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Different Types of Panerai Watches

August 18, 2018

Founded in Italy in 1860, Panerai is a watch company. Its watches have been the stable for the Royal Italian Navy for decades. The company also creates watches to withstand extreme conditions. Since 1933, a Panerai watch has been the leader in luxury watches. An individual wanting to buy a Panerai watch will click on
Before making a purchase, it’s important to know the differences between the various Panerai watches.

The PAM00112 Luminor Base Acciaio is the Panerai Staple Watch

The most iconic and well-known watch in the Panerai family is the PAM00112 Luminor Base Acciaio. The 112 is distinctive with only two hands on the base dial. It has four cardinal numerals. No seconds hand. It has a clean, simple look that is a Panerai signature.

The watch also has a sandwich dial. A sandwich dial has two layers. The top lawyer has the numerals cut out to expose the luminous stuff. The second layer is the luminous area that allows the light to show off the watch face. This is a manual watch.

The PAM00524 Luminor 1950 is the Next Choice

This watch is totally different from the 112. It is a throwback watch with the genuine Panerai design. It has a sandy-brow lamination. It is constructed of silver and can be paired with any type of Panerai wristband.

PAM00372 Luminor 1950 Showcases the Panerai Style

The 372 is one of the best watches that truly show off the Panerai style. Actually, it resembles on of the vintage Panerai watches. It is a bold, simple and powerful watch. There’s no sapphire crystal. Instead, plexiglass is used. This design change was to give the watch the authentic vintage look. It is another manual watch. It has a three-day power reserve.

PAM00183 Radiomir Black Seal Acciaio is Bold and Basic

For anyone wanting a basic Panerai watch, the 183 is perfect for them. It has the classic design with no-frills. The watch case is silver. It’s another manual watch.The 183 Panerai watch also features a sandwich dial. The Radiomir timepieces are more vintage than the Luminor counterparts. This is because the Radiomir is the first case used by Panerai. The only drawback for this and other Radiomir watches is the wristbands are hard to change.

PAM00610 Radiomir Black Seal is One of the Popular Panerai Watch Models

The 610 is a similar version of its 560 counterpart. The 560 is similar to the 112, but it has power reserve for eight days. It has all the Panerai character with a titanium case. The 610 has the vintage Panerai look and base dial.

The Best Panerai Watch to Buy

The best Panerai watch to purchase depends on personal style. Everyone is different. For example, a person may prefer the PAM00524 Luminor 1950. Another person may prefer a current model Panerai watch. Panerai has a watch that will meet and exceed someone’s personal style. So, no worries. A person will enjoy the luxury and high quality Panerai has to offer.