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How Tech Startups Are Becoming Billion Dollar Brands

February 7, 2017

What is it with small budding businesses garnering billion dollar evaluations shortly after a few years of being in business? How are companies coming into new industries like the micro mobility industry or the ridesharing industry or even the delivery app industries are not industries that are centuries old providing their longevity? Yet still, there have been a select few companies entering these industries that have reached the major milestone of being valued at a billion dollars and even crossing the billion dollar revenue mark.

Tech startups have amazed us. They have changed how society operates us. Who would ever think they would be ordering groceries from an app and have them delivered to their doorstep? No one would have ever imagined a time where we jump in random cars with strangers that we meet on apps like Lyft and Uber. Tech startups have changed the way people live, the way people earn money and how businesses are reaching valuations that use to take decades to reach.

Think Instacart, WeWork, Airbnb and LetGo are brands you may have heard of. There are amongst hundreds of businesses that have crossed the billion dollar mark. These companies are relatively still young. They are companies that have walked into budding industries and have impacted the world with their business model, technology and billion dollar earnings.

These companies amongst other businesses that have made it to billions of dollars in revenue or at least a billion dollar evaluation have soared to success because of mainly their tech. There are many factors that have pushed thee companies to success. But from Uber to Instacart to WeWork to Away have all had great technology behind them. We are living in the digital age and being a company that has great technology and plays a role in the tech sector is the ultimate success for billion-dollar success.

Besides technology, these companies have other elements to them that lead them to great success. These companies are very connected to their customer. They understand today’s ideal customer wants convenience, enjoys technology and wants something cost effective. These billion dollar companies have succeeded because they understand their business models must evolve. They are constantly implementing new tactics, strategies and technology to remain updated.

From a Business Managed Solutions manhattan ny company to the tech startups in Silicon Valley to startups being started overseas, the entire world is seeing a flood new companies tapping into the success of the tech world. Columbian delivery apps have broken into the billion dollar space. San Francisco based fintech startups is starting to edge into this billion dollar mark. Startups from China to Europe are also reaching this major milestone.

The technology sector is massive. This industry has so many different companies that offer so many different services. This industry is seeing a rise of billionaire founders. All of this success simply proves how technology is the next big thing. For those who are able to tap into tech success, they have the potential of earning billions of dollars