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Natural Balance Coupons: Maintaining your dog’s healthy diet

September 11, 2018

Your most challenging responsibility as a dog owner is to maintain your dog’s healthy diet. Sometimes, you give this dog too much food while you give less when you are busy with other obligations. But, you should not forget that your pet has a diet to look at and you should not fail this. By the way, if you are busy, then there must be another adult, who may feed and look after your dog. As an adult, there would not be any instructions that are difficult to follow. So, prepare a list of tasks that this adult will do in your absence.

Why should you be very concerned in your dog’s diet, anyway? Can’t you just let this pet grow fat or slim? Well, you know that dogs have different breeds, right? And then, for each breed of dog, there would always be do’s and don’ts. Let’s say that there are dogs that are not allowed to eat raw or wet foods, while there are also dogs, which only eat dry foods. Aside from that, dogs also have weaknesses and strengths and this varies according to breed and location.

It is sometimes confusing to feed your dog with the food that you prefer because what must be followed is the food that suits the health needs of this particular dog. That is why it is very important also to make a research or reading about the dog that you would like to adopt. By the way, it would be great to talk to the dog breeder about your dog before finally bringing it home. By the way, when it comes to buying kibble, I suggest you to use a discount coupon for Natural Balance dog foods, if it is available.

Optimum Health

Your dogs also need a healthy and balanced diet because they are just like human beings, who needs to maintain their health and physical wellness. Since you are the owner of this dog, then you need to comply with your dog’s optimal health. You can do this by learning the right amount of nutrients that a dog must take every day. Of course, you have to get this information from a reliable vet.

Pet shops may also provide you information, but I am not sure, if they can give you ample details about what you need to know. Most of the pet shop stuffs just know about the dog breeds, bathing them and feeding them.


If you are on a diet, you set limits on eating carbs. Dogs also need this to increase their energy level as well as to keep the level of the blood sugar stable. Carbs comprise of fiber, minerals and vitamins that would benefit your dog’s proper food digestion.

Now, you have to set limit giving your dog carbs because you should not allow them to get too fat. Remember that you need to maintain the physical wellness of your dog. So, if possible learn to control the intake of kibble with too much carb on it. Do check the carbohydrate label at the back of the dog food package and follow the vet’s recommendation about the amount of this food.

Solid Muscles

Proteins are needed because it will be very helpful in maintaining your dog’s muscles. Can you find a protein from the list of nutrients that your kibble brand is made of? If it is there, then it is a good choice because protein is the primary source of your dog’s muscles to have a strong and solid foundation.

Aside from that, proteins have special roles and functions in a dog’s body system. It is needed in repairing and building tissues. Now, if your dog lacks protein, then how can they fully grow their hair? And then, how will the skin cells complete its formation and development, right?

Do you know that proteins contain essential amino acids? Actually, there must be 22 amino acids in all to come up with enough protein. There should be some amino acids that may be made in the dog’s body system and the rest must come from the food they eat. So, can you see now, how important it is to have more proteins in your dog’s balanced diet?