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Open Source Is Inspiring Digital Transformation

August 18, 2018

Today, many firms are facing the challenge of digital transformation and preparation of their IT infrastructure. For an IT environment that has grown gradually, it might not be possible to adapt to all digitalization requirement in a single swoop. This is evident when firms are forced to outsource some applications to their new IT setup like the hybrid cloud as other loads continue flowing into the existing IT facilities.

The open source job scheduler is rapidly becoming a novel way for businesses to facilitate their digital transition. As such, open source software is well thought out as the center pole of the digital transformation. To this end, open source software is forward-looking and more innovative compared to many propriety solutions. In this piece, we will address the most shared open source concerns as well as why this measure is vital for your business success.

Open Source Concerns to Consider

Conversely, open source has some downsides that you will need to consider in your strategy for a successful startup. However, the better part of open source operations tends to take the “happy path” hence with a few polish-ups you will be good to go. Here are some of the most vital areas that you should provide that they are addressed in your strategy.

  • Fault management– an established ability to detect issues, monitor project-related systems, and setting up API tools to pull the data required is vital for availability and reliability of your open source services.
  • Performance management– this entails figuring out how your software will be working in “normal” circumstances and when under stress. While this is one of the aspects that is overlooked by many business operators, ensuring that you have a good performance management strategy will provide scalability, and it will save you most of the underlying issues.
  • Integration– for reliable services in your business undertakings, all elements in your venture need to be connected. Therefore, basic API tools to facilitate the integration patterns should back an open source. Additionally, such integrations should also be able to incorporate future advancements.

Why open source Software is vital for your Business

More Security

If you are inexperienced with the open source operations and products, it is likely that you will be concerned about their security measures. This is because most of the source codes will be available readily to any user connected to the internet. However, since these codes are open, it becomes easier for the programmers to monitor and establish security issues and fix them in real time. Similarly, the development team in open source is larger compared to the commercial counterparts hence more eyes are monitoring the source codes. This implies that this system has more minds working for its security and effectiveness.

Fewer Bugs and Faster Fixes

Although there might be no software that is entirely free from flaws, the development nature of the open sources software makes it easier to detect and fix bugs in real-time. This speed is evident when it is contrasted with what happens in the economic bug fix cycle, as this process is relatively slow and unreliable.